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This blog / newsletter was started in 2006 when a friend suggested that I write an email every week for her to catch her up on what we had found out the last week.  People started calling, asking to be included.   In a few months, we were asked to be submitted as content in our health care system.  In a few more months, we were the #1 hit on that web site.  We have been writing this email now for 8 years.  Please feel free to search for topics you are interested in.

The goal is to teach you a bit each week. We hope you enjoy the quizzes.  They are designed to help you learn a bit more by reinforcing what you saw the first time your read the material.

Please feel free to subscribe.  And tell your friends about us.  We will change our current health care system when we change ourselves, and take responsibility for our own welfare.  Only you can do that!   Imagine, knowing enough to keep yourself well, living a full and fulfilling life!

3 thoughts on “Learn About News In Nutrition

  1. Susan Reddick

    Reading your fascinating info on Vitamin K2 may have solved a mystery for me. I had a little dog that LOVED to eat the very fast growing green grass every so often. It was only the tallest newest grass she went after. It makes me wonder she was going after the K2 in the grass and if vit k2 emits an odor that attracts dogs, like butter or something???

  2. Laura

    I love your blog, Dr. John Whitcomb! You literally answer the questions that pop up in my mind with each post, and within each post. Your writing makes things so much easier to understand. Many thanks!!


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