Wellness University

We are starting a curriculum that EVERYONE should know.  How to care for yourself and be healthy.  We are not being tongue in cheek.  We have distilled the 12 core topics that anyone in America should have some knowledge about. Some of our information is cutting edge, some is controversial. We do not take money from any commercial source so the information you get from us is unbiased.  Here is our list.

Wellness University: 2014

  1. So You Think You Are Well: Creating a Data Dashboard
  2. How We Eat: The Annual Food Time Line
  3. The Trouble with Sweet
  4. Good Fats and Bad Fats
  5. Killing Cancer with Food
  6. Preserving Your Brain:  Curing Alzheimer’s and Other Neurological
  7. Vit K2 and the End of Osteoporosis
  8. Vit D: Sign of Life Devine
  9. Mood and Food

10. Honorary Gynecology: Women’s Balance

11. Testosterone: The Hormone of Growth and Repair

12. Reversing Coronary Artery Disease

13. Making Thyroid Perfect

14. Losing Weight Forever

15. Having a Perfect Pregnancy

16. Detoxing: Getting Rid of Poison

17. The Argument to Move

18. Stress: Arrrghhh!

19. Sleep: “Ah to Sleep”

20. Autoimmune Disease: The Fire Within

21. GI Health: Getting Your Gut Fixed

22. Tick Talk: Lyme Disease and

23. Fatigue: You’re Tired and Don’t Know What to Do

24. Metabolic Syndrome: Our Hidden Epidemic

25. Great American Cholesterol Scam 1

26. Great American Cholesterol Scam 2

27. Health and Wealth. Prevention the Key to Preserving Wealth


We have exams, pop quizes and a transcript.

Stay tuned.  If you want to participate, you can attend by calling our office at 262-784-5593.  If you attend all 16 lectures, we will give you a transcript.  And your life will have been changed.


Current classes are being conducted at the Boerner Gardens Conference Room



3 thoughts on “Wellness University

    1. Dr John Whitcomb Post author

      Stopped doing them. Too much work for one person by themselves. Thanks for your interest. But keep reading my blog. You’ll learn one step at time. And it’s free. I do it for my self, and you get the free ride. John

  1. Judith Gianareles

    Thank you. I’ve been watching the videos. Some real eye opening information. Am also reading the blog. Wish that I had found you sooner but will certainly be an avid reader from now on.


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