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MARCoNs and Biotoxin Illness, Part VI

References: Surviving Mold, Biotoxin Journey, Weston Price Foundation, Truly Heal, What Doctors Don’t Tell You,

MARCoNs stands for MULTIPLE ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT COAGULASE NEGATIVE STAPH. It grows in your nose, if and only if your immune system allows it. Coag Negative Staph is meant to be a simple commensal skin organism that everyone has. No big deal, right? I can culture it off your forehead, your arm, your leg. It’s a normal skin organism.

That changes with Biotoxin illness. Biotoxins, in the 30% of the population that are genetically unable to defend themselves sufficiently, (they just can’t “see” the toxin to make an antibody) make a flood of cytokines that damage the leptin receptor in your hypothalamus, not allowing you to make enough Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone (MSH). With low MSH, you can’t make a proper balance of T-reg cells that keep you defended against invading bugs. Like Staph epidermidis, Coag Neg Staph. MARCoNs takes up residence in your nose.

Then, something wicked happens. MARCoNs make two evil extra proteins, heavens knows why, that continue to suppress MSH. That enables them to keep up residence in your nose and sinuses. This “merry-go-round” persists endlessly in biotoxin illness, keeping your MSH Low. This has disastrous implications we will explore in future mailings. Bredesen projects that as many as 500,000 Americans with cognitive decline owe part of it to MARCoNs, so this is a big, big deal.

The real enemy with MARCoNs is the biofilm. Understanding biofilms has been a huge advance. In biofilms there is a community of organisms that appear to act in concert, not as individuals. They gang up and share their genetic material and create a soup of goop that protects them from the intrusion of white cells that could gobble them up, or antibiotics that could damage them. Something about MARCoNs and biotoxin illness encourages the development of a biofilm in your nose. It doesn’t necessarily cause any symptoms, so you can’t tell its there. But you won’t clear the MARCoNs if you don’t address the protective biofilm.

Hence, BEG spray. EDTA is the E in BEG and dissolves biofilms. B is for Bactran and G for gentamicin, two antibiotics that will kill staph. One spray each side three times a day for a month should do it, if you have oral Rifampin with it, or two sprays, three times a day without the rifampin. XClear, or xylitol nose spray for a week ahead of time will help break up biofilms too and is a good addition if you want to really get a running start. If you have trouble, read the Biotoxin Journey blog referenced above.

This opens the whole field of chronic sinusitis. Sinus infection is the number one reason for antibiotic use in America today, and the majority of folks who get more than one course of antibiotics have a fungal infection instead/in addition. It appears that infected sinuses and infected teeth are all one community. Shoemaker has shown that a lot of infected teeth also have MARCoNs in them. Weston Price, back in the 1920’s and 30’s showed that you don’t clear root canals of their infection because the bacteria burrow into the interstices of the teeth and the dentin canals of the teeth. Weston Price put infected teeth into rabbits and found that the rabbits got the same disease as the human tooth donor. Was he dealing with MARCoNs? And now we are learning that ozone therapy can cure sinusitis by instilling ozone gas into sinuses, better than many other methods. Ozone works by unknown mechanisms, presumably by turning on better oxygen flow in white cells, making them into little Ninja tigers. But it seems to work. The literature to support this is in Chinese and Russian and Italian. American’s have been a bit behind the curve at researching ozone. My read is that there appears to be a convergence of understanding of new methods and mechanisms of disease, aching for more collaborative research.

WWW.What will work for me. This is mesmerizing because it is so new and so confoundingly different from anything traditional medicine has taught. I’m following Shoemaker’s protocol to the T. He has been a genius at elucidating a pathway to cure biotoxin illness. Getting rid of MARCONS is step three in his pathway. He data base (8,000 patients) is huge and shows that 80% of folks with biotoxin illness have MARCoNs and 60% are methicillin resistant. BEG spray for a month works. My experience with about 100 agrees with him. But I want to keep my eyes open for real methods that work. This ozone thing might bear fruit. Let’s stay tuned.


Pop Quiz:

  1. MARCoNs is a rare bacteria. T or F                                                    Answer: Trick question. It’s rare in healthy folks, but 30% of the populations is vulnerable to biotoxin illness and with that, they have a 60% chance of getting MARCoNs.
  2. MARCoNs is a normal skin bacteria turned devil in your nose? T or F                    Answer: Bingo. Right on the money
  3. If you have biotoxin illness, you won’t get better unless you eradicate MARCoNs. T or F Answer: Bingo, Right on the money
  4. Root canal teeth may have MARCoNs infections, just like sinuses, connecting sinus and teeth infections. T or F                                                                   Answer: Whoa, True and head turning.
  5. Bacteria from infected teeth were shown to transmit disease to rabbits by whom and when? Answer:  Weston Price, dentist extraordinaire, from the 1920s. He didn’t know about MARCoNs or biofilms, but he was all over the complications of it

Vitamin D and Survival of Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer

Vitamin D and Survival with Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer

Reference:  European Cancer Journal Feb 2014

That’s the summary.  It’s all in the title.  Folks with higher D levels and breast or colon cancer live longer.

What was the D level they were seeking?  Pretty easy to achieve.   75 nmoles is 30 ng.  (how we measure it in America).   Most Caucasians achieve that in the summer, in Wisconsin if they get outside.   African Americans and Asians have more skin pigment and need more sunlight, and have lower levels.  Milwaukee African Americans have D levels of about 14-16 ng year around (personal data).   That would be expected because pigment protects from sunlight, but also deters Vitamin D production.   I had an indoor job, and had a D level of 7 ng when I first measured mine.

The study quoted here took a combination of 5 studies and pooled all their data.  They were looking for studies of those two cancers, breast and colon.  The studies had to include D levels.   They compared those folks with the highest D levels with those folks with the lowest.   Some of the studies had 5 categories of D levels and some only two but combining all made for more powerful statistical effect.  The reduction for breast cancer was 42%.   Did you get that?   But with colon cancer, it was only 35%.  (Only?!!!)  Those are both huge!   That effect might rival almost any chemotherapy that we currently use.   This was an association, not causal proof.

I haven’t done a D article for a while so the question has to be answered.  Why is D so potent?  The answer lies in D’s fundamental role as a hormone throughout all nature.  From plankton to humans, D nudges cells to mature.  A mature cell stops dividing, does its function and then goes through natural cell death.  Cancer cells don’t do any of those things.  Particularly, not dying.  Cancer cells arrive in all stages of maturity.  If we can nudge it back towards maturity, it slows down its speed of doubling.   A marble sized cancer contains about a billion cells, which represents 60 doublings.  If we can get a doubling to occur in 6 months, that cancer is going to show up as a marble in 30 years.  If it doubles every two weeks, it will be there in two years.   Which do your prefer?

In Wisconsin, we dip below 30 ng every winter.  There is abundant literature that shows our immune system goes into hibernation when we drop below 30 ng.  Appears that level shuts down cancer fighting too.  It may be our immune system happening in its fight against cancer as well as the cancer cells themselves responding.  Either way, you live longer.

Now note, this was not a level of 60-80 ng.   Just 30.   Isn’t that interesting?

WWW.  What will work for me?  I take D every day.  It’s summer.  I’m older.  My skin makes about 20% of what it used to make because I’m over 60.  I’m still taking 5 K a day because I have a lousy D gene and a dermatologist who gets cross with me because of prior sun exposure..  Most of us need about 3000 IU a day or 20,000 a week to have a level of about 40-50.  That seems to be the sweet spot for prevention.


Pop Quiz

1.  Having a Vitamin D level of 32 or above might be very helpful with breast and colon cancer?   T or F


2.  I naturally have a blood level of 45 in the winter living in Wisconsin?  T or F

That would be living in S. Africa in our winter.  Caucasians in Wisconsin get to 45 in the summer, but bottom at abut 10-15 in the winter.  African Americans stay at 12-16 year around.

3.   This study is proof of the D concept?  T or F

Decidedly false.  It’s an association that they detected.  D may be low because aggressive cancer lowers it.  It may be a result of the disease.  We don’t have a prospective study that shows taking D will lower your cancer rate.

4.  If I have cancer, I will lower my mortality by starting taking D.  T or F

Again, we just don’t really know.  We have data from prostate cancer that the rate of rise of PSA drops by half with D, but no other cancer data to match that.   More likely, taking D for your lifetime will affect the initiation phase of cancer which occurs as much as 20 years before the clinical disease starts.  But I would most assuredly take it!  Remember, it takes a loading dose to get to effective levels quickly.  100,000 IU all at once will raise your level by 14 ng in one day.  Otherwise, it takes a year to reach a new homeostasis.   If you have a new diagnosis of cancer and a low D level (below 32 ng), take 100,000 IU TODAY!  If your level is below 10, take 100,000 IU two days in a row.

5.  The best advice for D and cancer is to keep by D level above 32 for my whole life.


Written by Dr. John Whitcomb at Brookfield Longevity and Healthy Living Clinic