Biotoxin V: How do I Get Rid of Biotoxins?

References: Biotoxin Journey You now know that biotoxins circulate endlessly in folks whose immune system can’t “see” the toxin and label it. You know that merry-go-round involves the toxin entering through your nose lungs most of the time, or ingested, or stung, or absorbed. From there the toxin sets off all sorts of cytokines in […]

Mold, Biotoxin Illness

Biotoxin Pathway IV: The Biotoxin POMC Merry-Go-Round

References: Nature, Biotoxin Pathway You’ve been exposed to a biotoxin. You didn’t know it because you didn’t even know the building was damaged by water, or the brown discoloration in the bay your were fishing didn’t look all that weird, or the fish you ate tasted a little odd but not that awful. We now […]


Biotoxin Illness Part III: The Role of Glutathione

References: Toxins (2014), SciWorldJr, So, you know about your immune system having two layers, the innate or lizard system, and the adaptive or precise mammalian system. A good analogy is like a bomb going off by a terrorist. Your city reacts with a curfew, 911 is activated, the police clear the streets, sirens are wailing. This is […]

Biotoxin Illness Part II: How the Weird Symptoms Come About

Biotoxin Illness II: The Weird Symptoms and How They Come About References: Surviving Mold, Dr Thomas, To understand the “weird” and protean symptoms of Biotoxin Illness, you need to first understand how it comes about. The toxins enter the body in many ways, probably mostly through breathing in via lungs or nose, but also through tick bites […]

Explaining Biotoxin Illness

References: Surviving Mold, We are all familiar with bacterial illness. We have experienced sore throats, or skin infections, or sinusitis and have been diagnosed and treated with antibiotics. We have also seen traumatic illness, and have had X-rays and casts or stitches for cuts. We understand metabolic illness with thyroid and sugar and other metabolic parameters. […]

Leptin Resistance and Inflammation

Leptin Resistance and Inflammation References: Am Jr Coll Card, Vitamin Hormones, Curr Immunol Review, Cell, Leptin is the hormone that has several important functions. One is that it is secreted when your fat cells say they are full. It is a feedback loop that tells you that you have had enough to eat, so stop. Fine and dandy. But […]

VIP: Very Important Peptide

VIP: Very Important Peptide References:  Wikipedia, Biotoxin Journey, Actually it’s VASOACTIVE INTESTINAL PEPTIDE. That’s where it was discovered, in the gut. Though it was found in the gut and pancreas, it is also made, in abundance, in the hypothalamus. It has a huge library of effects from extra heart contractility to relaxation of capillaries to gut motility, […]

Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone – Not Just For Tans Anymore

Melanocyte Stimulating Hormone References: Wikipedia, Curr. Alzheimer’s Res Aug, 2016, Published August 22, 2016 Not your common table topic, is it? MSH is such an out of the way hormone, virtually no one talks about it much. Until I read an abstract about it’s potential use in Alzheimer’s, I hadn’t heard much about it either. […]